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STYLE: Foil / Light Wind


  • Innovative one strut design, excellent for light wing and foil riding
  • Exceptional light wind and foil performance
  • Great upwind performance and depower, combined with insane turning abilities makes this a perfect foil machine
  • Great control combined with light bar feeling during all depower stages
  • Superb upwind performance
  • 1 strut construction vv- Easy relaunch with any kite size and wind conditions
  • One pomp inflation system with high volume valve
  • Front and back bridle trimming options
  • More durable bridles with pulleys
  • Improved sewing technology and quality
  • 4 line bar system
  • Recommended pressure: 7,5-8,5 Psi

Nobile The One Orange is the most universal foil and light wind kite ever. Often riding in light wind conditions? This will be a right Kite for you! Even 40% lighter then your average kite, The One will let you ride in conditions you’ve never dreamed of. Combine that with Nobile Foilboard and you will enjoy kitesurfing in a totally new dimension. Incredible Low end performance making The One ride in lighter wind then you ever thought is possible. Insane maneuverability is the key to The One’s success, it simply takes kite-loops into another level allowing you to generate power in almost no wind. Insane upwind and downwind performance, that allows you to quickly tackle up and down wind. Water relaunching haven't ever been that easy, no matter what wind conditions or kite size, The One will relaunch without any trouble. If light wind sessions is your daily basis than The One is defiantly a Kite for You!

SHAPE: Hybrid


  • Teijin double ripstop
  • Internal reinforcements
  • Double stitched bonded seams




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